Playstation 4

On the 20th Febuary 2013, Sony annouced the new Playstation 4. This is now the second ‘eigth generation’ consle, with the first being the Wii U. Sony also plans to allow smartphone and tablet connection, to work as a second contoller – similar to the Wii U. There are also plans to improve the social side of gaming.

Not all details about the hardware in the PS4 has been fully announced, but, it has been confirmed that it will be very similar to PC hardware. This will help game developers create games for the PS4.

The DualShock4 will be the Playstation 4’s main controller, along with the Playstation Move controllers for selected games. The DualShock 4 has many new features including a built-in two-point capacitative touch pad on the front of the controller and it will also include a non-removable,rechargeable lithium-ion battery tentatively capable of storing 1000 mAh

Overall, the Playstation 4 will be a huge improvement from the Playstaton 3 (released in 2006), and is planned to be on sale just before Christmas 2013.



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