This Week in YouTube – 11th March – 17th March 2013

Here are the YouTube highlights from the past week. Make sure you don’t forget to like, comment and follow, telling us your favourite highlight from the 11th March to the 17th March 2013.

1.Hooters Ballgirl Picks Up Live Baseball And Tosses it To Crowd

Hooters employee working as a ballgirl at a baseball game in Florida had no idea she was interrupting live play today when she picked up a ball and threw it to a young fan.
The woman, whose identity is unknown, was on the sideline at a training game in Florida today between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays when a ball was hit in her direction.

2. Crazy weather in Ireland

About an hour of irish weather in 2 minutes. From snow to sun and back

3. Diary of a Badman 2.5

Badman falls in love and learns a few lessons along the way! This episode for me is special as it’s based on true events! (shame) lol


5. Ed Sheeran falls face first into speaker

Watch Ed Sheeran’s hilarious fall after completely misjudging jump between speakers during gig


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