Google I/O 2013 – Review

Last Wednesday, the 15th of May, held the sixth annual Google I/O keynote, announcing new software and products. The show started off with an inspirational video, showing the many spectacular things made possible by Google. After this video, an introduction talk was held by Vic Gundotra, the Senior Vice President. He talked about the millions of people watching live over the internet.

Next on stage was Sundar Pichai, the SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps. He mainly talked about the development and stages in personal computing. He showed a picture showing how technology has changed commmunication.Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 21.18.06 The photo clearly shows how more and more people are relying on modern technologies and how many people’s lives were changed by these technologies, in just a few years.

Pichai continued to talk about some new developments coming to Google’s two operating systems, Android and Chrome. He ‘slipped’ in some statistics showing that both Android and Chrome are the most popular operating systems in the world.

He then invited Hugo Barra on stage to talk about Android. He talked about the new endless possibilities that are now or soon will be available for new app developers.

Next, Chris Yerga was invited on stage to talk about new and improvements on the Google Play Store. He talked about a new music store, where you can have endless custom made playlists, millions of songs and unlimited plays all for a small subscription, All Access. Spotify better watch out. Yerga also showed new improvements to suggestions and layouts that will all be enrolled in the coming weeks.

Next, Hugo Barra returned to stage to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4. He streamed the phone onto the big 20130304-084649-p.m..jpgscreen showing its layout and this wowed the crowds. Although, when he mentioned the price ($649), not many people were too impressed.

After this shock, a short video was played showing the developments of Google Chrome, the worlds most used browser.

Sundar Pichai returned to stage to talk about chrome. He talked about the developments of the chromebook. He then showed some ‘chrome experiments  that really show off the great power of the new chromebook, the pixel. He bragged about its very responsive multi-touch display, and the fact that it has the best and clearest screen on a laptop in the entire world, beating the MacBook Pro Retina Display. Then, he rewarded the audience with the expensive laptop.

Next, a demonstration was shown about how games can be played on mobile devices straight from the chrome browser, and a wide variety of smartphones and tablets were connected together to play a classic racing game. This was another wow to the audience.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 21.53.59

Next, the topic was Google +. Endless improvements have been made to make the experience more enjoyable and simple. Highly advanced photo editing can now be done by the click of the button. It is phenomenal.

Finally, it was time to talk about the main feature of Google, Search.  Basically, google search has become a new version of Siri and it can answer anything. I mean, anything!

How tall do you have to be to ride Thunder Mountain?

Where is the nearest Susi Bar with good reviews?

Practically, you can say “Hey Google, …” and get an immediate response from any device!

The show ended with a good old Q&A, but to be honest the answers weren’t the best and the subjects were changed a lot… Eeek!

If you want to see the whole Keynote yourself, feel free to watch it below!


2 thoughts on “Google I/O 2013 – Review

    • AGREED! Was still pretty good though, but there was a lot of talk about the past and statistics and lack of talk about new products etc.!

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